Week 10: The Software Craftsman, Ch. 5 & 6

The fifth chapter reminded me of chapter 2 in The Clean Coder. I wrote about this in my blog https://rmurphy12blog.wordpress.com/2017/01/25/week-1-the-clean-coder-ch-12/ An important skill to master is the ability to say no. The act of saying no can save you from getting into trouble.

Chapter six is titled “Working Software”. In most cases the code you are working on is going to be around for a while. This means is is just as important to write code that is maintainable as it is to write code that preforms the required task. If code is written in hast, without proper planning it is going to end up costing more time in the long run. I have found this last statement to be true. I once wrote a piece of software rather hastily and did not write a single comment, a few months later I was asked to make some changes to the program. The changes should have been simple, I was just going to add a few features. When I started looking through the code to become familiar with the code I realized there was much I could not remember. I ended up spending a lot of unnecessary time on the project because the first time around I was in a rush.

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