Week 8: The Software Craftsman, Ch. 1 & 2

This week I began reading the second book of the semester. The book is titled The Software Craftsman and was written by Sandro Mancuso. In the first chapter the author speaks about two items. The first is how the field of software development has changed over time. The second topic covered is the idea of seniority. The author points out that seniority is not something you can earn and then just ware the rest of you life, seniority is relative. He also lays out a set of questions that relate to seniority, they are as follows; Senor to who? In what technology? In what context? This part seemed a bit obvious and way he explained we different than I have thought about in the past. I have always seen seniority as specific to a job or company. Your position in the company defines seniority. If some one is hired for a position that is above others one there first day they have some level of seniority even if the have no experience.

In the second chapter of the book the author writes about the agile development methodologies. It began with a group of seventeen members of the technology. The were looking to change the development process. This new set of methods centered around the team. Throughout this semester we have been working in Scrum teams, this is an example an agile development process. The experience this semester has been pleasant.

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