Week 7: The Clean Coder, Ch. 13 & 14

Chapter 13 continued with the theme of collaboration, more specifically team work. A lot the what I wrote in my last blog applies to this. There were two points that really stuck out to me. The first was the idea that a person should not try to split their time between two teams. The second idea is the team should not be put together an a project by project basis. You should build a team that works well together and keep them together on project after project. As the author says ” Teams are harder to build than projects.”

In the last chapter of this book the author talks about how he was disappointed be many CS grads he had spoken with. He said many college programs don’t do a good time preparing students for industry. I understand how it is hard to create a situation in class that emulates industry. Although, I do think this cap stone is coming as close as possible. I think the hardest part is time. This is on class, it is a lot different when you are working full time at a job.

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