Week 6: The Clean Coder, Ch. 11 & 12

In chapter 11 of The Clean Coder, the author writes about pressure. Everyone handles pressure in there own way it can be a deciding factor in determining how professional some on is. A true professional should be able to keep calm under pressure, they should maintain the the ability to make decisions without panicking. I personally don’t mind working under pressure especially in the context of class assignments. This turns out to cause issues for me as I tend to wait until the last moment to start an assignment. I then use the pressure to force myself to focus. On some group assignments I have noticed how others react differently. In one example, I was working in a group with two others, one who procrastinated like myself and on how started panicking while we still had a week and a half. In this situation I really saw how pressure affects people differently. I have also watched some people react in extreme ways. At the small Internet company I worked at one of the employees had called out. Because of this I and another employee were asked to help with shipments. I knew how many shipments needed to go out and how much time I needed. I told the other person that I could handle it myself and not to worry about it. At one point my coworker started to help claiming I would not finish in time. Within a few minutes she started to panic and rush, this cause the packing process to become a mess. It came to the point where just decided to give up and ended up leaving the office early. I finished the packing with 45 minutes to spear. In many situations it is probably better to just avoid pressure. Many of the ideas in earlier chapters can aid in this, for example, not committing to a deadline you know is too short.

Chapter 12 was all about collaboration. I believe this is a very important topic in the field of computer science as most developers work in a team. I can see how working on a team can difficult and rewarding at the same time. There has been several times I have been working on a project and found myself stuck, in these situations it is good to have a team or at least a partner. Sometimes I just need a bit of help getting past a issue, other times the simple act of explaining the problem was enough for me to come to a resolution. I think the most important element with in a team is trust. For a team to function efficiently each member must be able to rely on the others.

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