Sprint 6 Reflection

This reflection wraps up the final sprint. At the beginning of the sprint I was excited, we had a full description of the issue, knew the requirements, and had decided where to move the button. During the end of the last sprint I worked on adding a new item to the top menu, this was very easy. I ended up putting a place holder in the menu. The next task was to look into the how to only allow the button to be seen if there was a drafted form, this was also easy as the was the original behavior of the button. With the first to tasks seeming rather easy my focus changed to what needed to be done to move the button. I used grep to look through all the files and made a list of files I thought needed to be altered. Once I had this list, I decided to try removing the button from its current location, this cause issues. When I removed the single line containing only an open and close tag for the button, the entire site stopped working. After a short discussion with a member of a different team I realized the element I removed was responsible for some of the routing. My next aim was to determine what I needed to do to import the back to drafted form module in to the main dashboard module where the top menu bar was held. I tried several things to move the button and its code but with each attempt I found it caused a new issue. One of the problems I thought I had caused was the button no longer brought you back to the drafted form. In fact, when you clicked the button, it prompted you with a message saying there was an unsaved drafted form, re you sure you want to continue. This message was clearly out of place as the whole reason for clicking the button was to bring you to the drafted form. On top of the message being out of place, clicking either yes or no destroyed the form and left you on the current page. Not being able to pinpoint what I had done to cause this problem I decided to pull from the original AMPATH repository. After doing that, I realized the issue was not my fault but an issue the main project had.  I had on other team member try on his computer just to rule out my machine as the cause I opened a bug report in JIRA.

Over all I have enjoyed my experience working on a Scrum team. The on regret I have is not being able to fully commit my time to this one project. Once I have graduated, I do plan to continue working on the AMPATH project. It is nice working on an open source project that will impact the lives of people around the word.

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