Sprint 5 Reflection

After last sprint, we received more requirements about the issue we were working on. The task became move the “Back to Drafted Form” button to a more convenient location and fix it’s position relative to the screen so that it is always visible. This means the button should not move as the user scrolls on the page.Once we had the updated requirements wee needed to do a little bit of planning. The big question was where should it be located. The most simple option would have been to leave it in it’s current position, fix it’s location on the page, and bring it to the top. This option was quickly dismissed as the team did not think it would be aesthetically pleasing if it floated above the other content on the page. As we thought about it more we realized there was another factor to keep in mind, this application was going to be used primarily on an 8 inch tablet. An 8 inch screen does not provide much real estate to work with. With that thought in mind we realized there was only two places on the page that made sense. The first spot was in the top menu, this is where the main navigation was handled. Items like user settings and logout, location, and patient search. The second location was on the left menu. This is where information related to the current patient could be accessed. Both options shared a similar upside, they are both fixed on the screen as it is. This means we would not be waisting any more space. Because we did not see an obviously winner we turned to those who would be using the system, the response we got was “try both and see what we think”. After that response I thought about the problem a bit more, my first instinct was the side menu as that is where items related to the current patient could be found. The problem with this was, depending on the patient, the number of items in the list could change. There was also the issue of the menu being semi consolable, this would mean all you could see is an small icon. The more I thought about it the more I convinced myself the top menu was the best choice. The menu was not full and could easily fit the button. I also liked the idea of it being near the controls to navigate to a different patient and to logout. These are prime examples of times you would want to save a drafted form. With this rational, I explained conclusion to the team and started looking in to what code needed to be changed.

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