Sprint 3 Reflection

This sprint was the most productive so far. Each member of the team was given access to the AMPATH JIRA site. The AMPATH team uses JIRA to track issues and layout tasks than need to be completed. Now that we have access to the issue tracking system, a member of the AMPATH team picked a list of issues he though the class could handle. The issue we decided to tackle was not an issue with the code but a request by the users to move a button. The process of moving the button started off slow as we could not locate the button in question with in the system. This problem was further complicated by the fact that we could not load the forms on the site. After messaging our main contact at AMPATH we had an idea of what needed to be done but still were having issues locating the button. After some exploring we finally found the button. The button is to return to a form draft, this button is only visible if there is a form that has been open but not submitted. Our initial efforts to find the button were destine to be fruitless as we could not load any of the forms.
I believe the coming sprint will be the the first sprint where we can fully experience the Scrum process and see how the team works together. The past weeks have been good but with only smaller tasks it there was no sense of urgency. Now that we have an issue to work on team members will need to take responsibility of there individual part.

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